ICO Agency

Marketing solutions for initial coin offerings

ICO are an exciting new method of funding companies via cryptocurrency tokens.
Launching a successful ICO requires a deep understanding of the blockchain community, in order to target the right audience and convince them of the value of your ICO offering.

We have worked with several large ICOs throughout 2017 and collected valuable data which allows us to offer the most targeted campaigns on different platforms.

Our services include:

  • Facebook ad campaigns
  • Outbrain, taboola and other “Native content” articles.
  • Retargeting and banner advertising
  • Advertising in message boards and targeted community groups.

When it comes to ICOs, 90% of the funding of any successful project, come from only 10% of the “crypto whales”. This makes it more important than ever to work with an experienced dedicated agency with specific experience in ICO advertising and promotion.

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